čtvrtek 13. srpna 2009

Décoration romantique

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  1. Bonjour Vianne,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind invitation to visit you up here. I have scrolled through your blog and though I cannot understand a word of your language I do understand that you are fond of France and particularry Paris and the lovely Parisian products. I once visited Prague, when the communists were still in power and I thought that it was the best preserved and most beautiful city in Europe, better than Paris actually!
    I like your photos of your vignettes, they are beautiful, just keep them coming. What I love about blogging is meeting new people: Nice to meet you and I hope to see you again. Have a great time in blogland, good luck blogging!

  2. Vicky, thank you! You have great blog and so nice photos! I´m interested in your book "My French Life" too. I would like to read it, but in Czech Republic is not possible buy this book:( Have a nice day a I hope to "see" you again!